Visayan rice cake recipes

Philippine Regional Specialties

Philippine Regional Specialties

Kinilaw is a common dish every Visayan prepare during a good catch. and a wide selection of ricecakes are Pampangeno dishes that made up the country’s delicious delicacies
Biko Tapol Recipe

Biko Tapol Recipe

This biko tapol, also known as biko Bisaya, or purple biko is the Visayan version of the well-known Filipino sweet sticky ricecake–biko (pronounced BI-KOH)

SABOR Bisaya: A Culinary Competition and Food Expo

Visayan Cuisine Challenge. Creative Fried Rice Challenge. On-the-Spot Cake Decorating Challenge. The Premier Culinary Competition and Food Expo That is soon to hit Negros Occidental
Local Flavors Shine at Diamond Hotel's Filipino Culinary Pride

Local Flavors Shine at Diamond Hotel's Filipino Culinary Pride

Each one is distinct from the other, from the creamy and nutty notes of the cheese and cocoa in the Mindanao version to the sweet and spicy hints of the Visayan variant and the salty yet comforting Luzon style filled with fermented rice

Kalamay Gabi

Gabi comes from the taro plant and is often cooked up in sweet desserts such as Visayan binagol or savory dishes such as sinigang

Suman Malagkit Recipe

Suman is also known as budbod in the Visayan languages which dominate the southern half of the country

Baye Baye

Visayan sweet delicacy made from pounded rice flakes, sugar, young coconut meat and juice. mga sankap ng steam ricecake

Pork Dinuguan ( Pork Blood Stew)

I love the taste of “Dinuguan” in tagalog and in visayan, “Pork dinardaraan in Ilocano and “Pork Blood Stew” in English