How to make dried fish tocino recipes

Fish tocino

Fish tocino

Here's an adapted recipe on HowtoMakeFishTocino from Business Diary. Btu when its perfect, you'll have a dried seafood that's crisp yet meaty and the saltiness complements the sweetness of it being a tocino

Gratuitous Breakfast at The Linden Suite's Coffee Shop

Outside the window where we dined, a willowy white seed, which would seem to be a wishing seed (having a hard time getting the name of that seed) was blown at and stuck to the glass of our window I don't know if you're supposed tomake a wish on it or how you are supposed to do it, though I have lived a blessed life and wishing on something isn't part of it, but it seemed the childish fun thing to do at the moment, so I wished for a return visit to The Linden Suites

Kulinarya at Gallery Vask

Edward said this was Chef Julieta’s influence because she couldn’t believe how sweet were the local treats were that’s why she had these toned down