For dalagang bukid fish with tausi recipes

Bangus sa Tausi

Bangus sa Tausiwith tomatoes and black beans is the perfect use for leftover fried fish. On my free weekends, I usually make a few batches of siomai, tocino, longganisa or lumpia and freeze them in airtight containers for weeknight dinners or impromptu parties


Sarciado is take two for fried fish. Sarciado is a quintessential "pangat" dish -- pangat being short for pangatlo (third), a standing joke among Filipinos for our tendency to have and recycle leftovers, and serve them a second, even a third time

Arranque Adventure a.k.a. Something Fishy

" (I was a fish ignoramus before I met Mike, familiar only with Bangus, Tilapia, Hasa-hasa, Salay-salay, DalagangBukid and the lowly galunggong