Mutton Tahari or Mutton Pulao Recipe Video #VideoRecipes
Food and Beverage Business Reference
Food and Beverage Business Reference
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  • 3 Chopped 4.Curd :
  • 1 ½ cup
  • 1. In a cooking sauce pan add oil and when the oil is is hot, add chopped onion and stir till the onions turn brown.
  • 4. Cook for 5 minutes on medium flame till the tomatoes get tender, add salt, red chilli powder, mutton and whipped curd.
  • 6. Saute till the oil separates.
  • 5 medium sized glasses of water or
  • 1500 ml of water
  • 8. Cook till the water comes to boil.
  • 11. Cook on high flame for



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