La Paz Batchoy
Tilawan Ta!
Tilawan Ta!
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  • 1.5 gallons Water 30 grams (2 tbsps.) Sugar, adjust to desired taste 30 grams (2 tbsps.) Salt, adjust to desired taste 6 lbs Beef bones w/ marrow and/or pork bones (buto-buto) 20 grams shrimp paste (bagoong) 1 lb Beef 1 lb Pork 1 lb Pork Liver 1 lb Pork innards (large intestines, uterus, stomach - any one or combination of all) 5 lbs fresh noodles (meke), washed in warm water and drained. 1 pc. large red onions 1 bundle fresh spring onions, chopped (for garnishing) 1 pack pork cracklings (chicharon), crushed (for garnishing) Fried garlic (available at Asian stores), for garnishing As desired – MSG 2 pcs beef flavor bouillons



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