How to get the perfect Dome  on your Muffins (Simple Techniques to make your muffins look great!)
Manila Spoon
Manila Spoon
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  • 2. I had the privilege of watching a pastry chef make some muffins and I asked her what tips she can give to make sure muffins rise nicely. She told me to make sure that all the ingredients needed are in room temperature (that means
  • 3. Once you have mixed the batter altogether immediately place it in the muffin pan and then directly to the oven (without much delay). This is especially true if you are using baking soda. I think this was my worst mistake, I often leave out mine in the counter for who knows how long (like I almost
  • 5. Now this final technique makes a lot of sense, if you ask me
  • 12 you will probably only make about
  • 9 muffins



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